• Manufacturing

    Reverse engineering
    turbine blades and vanes manufacturing
    Flow testing and calibration

  • Services

    Technical support
    Project management
    Plant upgrade and revamp

Power Industry Services

Turbinetech GmbH is an engineering and parts manufacturing company based in Germany, offering products and services for a variety of applications in the Oil, Gas and Energy Sector. Our primary business model has been in the area of tie-ups with parts manufacturers and Service Providers for a variety of applications within the power generation and oil and Gas sector.

Most of our manufacturing & supply network is based in Western Europe with specific emphasis on German suppliers. Germany has a vast network of rotating equipment manufacturers. It is the home base of Siemens as well as previously AEG an ex licensee of General Electric. Our past experience and our location in Germany enable us to supply many of the heavy duty turbine parts, by utilizing this manufacturing base.

Turbinetech Product and Services

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    Our commitment to quality, results in products that include the latest state of the art in design
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    We offer our quality services highly specified to the expectations of our individual clients
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